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Mid-Century Inspiration

May 14, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

You’re into Mad Men, wood paneling, the space race, Gary Cooper, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and why wouldn’t you be? Mid Century Modern (MCM for short) is fresh but familiar; it’s clean, functional, and focuses on textures. Retro-inspired lighting can bring a sense of fun and energy to a room that might be otherwise a little stale. If you’re envisioning an all-in MadMen living room or adding a vintage touch to your eclectic kitchen, MCM-inspired fixtures in a variety of tones, textures, shapes,  and finishes are going to get your room where you want it to be. Mid Century Modern inspired looks are everywhere; all that’s left is figuring out how you want to apply them.

Going Big

Mid Century Modern style is built around simplicity and function. Clean lines and minimal ornamentation is key. That isn’t to say MCM fixtures are boring. There is plenty of drama with bombastic chandelier shapes and intense, contrasting material combinations. For a more intense look, you can go full-throttle with large pendant groupings or a galactic flush mount.

Trans Decade Transformations

The beauty of MCM is the nearly universal appeal and ease in a wide range of design directions. To harness Mid Century Modern’s timeless appeal, choose sleek shapes paired with bold textures. A couple of retro sconces in a room can give the space interest and depth without overpowering other elements. Choose minimalist table lamps with classic finishes or milky globes for instant, functional charm. These items are perfectly at home in transitional or even very contemporary designed rooms.  

The Long Game

Fresh, fundamental, and above all functional: Mid Century Modern inspired pieces are practical by design and by nature. Choosing these fixtures are an effortless way to introduce a touch of vintage flavor without falling into a dated look. These striking objects are intended to be stalwarts as other elements in your space fad in and out of fashion. Clean lines, opal elements,  and brass or bronze finishes are beautiful now, and will still be beautiful in the coming decades.

Mid Century Modern inspired lighting fixtures are a wonderful option for a quick update to an existing room or the crowning glory to a completely new reno. A range of unfussy, classic fixtures with timeless appeal add elements of grace top compliment nearly any room. From whimsical, casual dining spaces to traditional, grand entryways, Mid Century Modern style has real presence and staying power.

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