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Tea Lights & Votives

No party tabletop is complete without warm, festive votives. Our collection of flameless tea light LED candles offers safe and convenient options for your next gathering.

Tea Lights & Votives

Although they are tiny, LED tea lights and votives emit warm, ambient light, making them a simple and effective means of decorating. Whether they’re illuminating your side tables day to day or enhancing a holiday centerpiece, votive candles and tea lights are perfect for nearly all occasions.

Our collection of flameless LED tea lights goes one step further. Not only do they add an inviting glow to your decor, but they are worry-free, unlike traditional candles. Because of the artificial wick, the flameless candles don’t produce messy drippings or a hazardous open flame. This is great news for households and parties that have curious children and pets. And because flameless candles won’t melt, you don’t have to replace them routinely making them a cost-effective addition to your daily decor.

Many of our flameless LED tea light and votive candles are paired with a remote for a simple, convenient experience. Because tea lights and votives are often arranged in multiples, one often has to unnecessary spend time switching each candle on and off. But with our remote controls, you can have a charming atmosphere at your fingertips with a single button.