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Edison Bulbs

Our collection lends a warm, vintage feeling to your home. Crafted from intricate and attractive filament patterns, our Edison bulbs are ready for center stage in an exposed-bulb fixture.

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    Edison Bulbs

    Our collection of Edison bulbs offers the appeal of warm, vintage-inspired lighting that was commonplace at the turn of the 20th century. With distinct filaments and bulb shapes, our Edison bulbs can outfit both classic and candelabra fixtures adding a unique, ambient glow to your decor.

    Our Edison Bulbs are also available in LED. While they have a higher upfront cost, the energy-efficient LED bulbs surpass the difference quickly, saving you in the long run. The LEDs also have a longer lifespan and are cool to the touch, making them a safer, low-maintenance lighting alternative.

    Incandescent or LED, the Edison Bulb has become the ideal complement to many exposed-bulb fixtures. Whether they are openly suspended in pendants above a bar or showcased in a large dining room chandelier, Edison Bulbs offer a charming nostalgia and an inviting atmosphere for your space.