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Taper Candles

Our collection of flameless taper candles offers a safe and convenient version of this romantic classic. Available in a wide selection of colors and heights, here you’ll find the perfect fit for candlelit dinner.




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      Taper Candles

      Nothing adds a romantic touch to an occasion quite like a pair of taper candles. With their classic, elegant shape and warm glow, flameless taper candles enhance any tabletop or mantle for immediate inviting, ambiance.

      Our collection of flameless taper candles offers the benefits of candlelight without the worries associated with traditional candles. Because of their faux flame, you can rest easy knowing there are no messy drippings to clean or firey hazards for the curious pets and children in your life. Another plus is that the flameless taper candles won’t melt, requiring you to purchase replacements. Instead, they offer a safe, alluring atmosphere without breaking the bank.

      Many of our flameless taper candles come with a convenient multi-button remote. Instead of meandering through your home, switching each candle on and off, you can have the experience of candles at the press of a button. This is a great option for those looking to place candles in hard to reach places.