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LED Wall Lights

Our LED Wall Lights Collection brings you sconce and vanity fixtures that will not only enhance your home lighting with texture and dimension but will do so while diminishing your carbon footprint.




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      LED Wall Lights

      Wall lights bring texture, warmth, and illumination to your daily tasks. From brightening a dark hallway to providing much-needed light for nighttime reading to adding ambiance in a living room, sconces have a use in nearly every room. Vanity lights are just as integral. Providing light to your bathroom mirror, they make or break your morning routine. Given the essential role these wall lights play in your everyday, why not go green?

      The fixtures in our LED Wall Lights Collection do double duty. Not only do they offer modern, elegant lighting for your walls, they help you save money on your monthly energy bill. Each fixture in our wall light collection is either embedded with or can be paired with our innovative LEDs. These long-lasting, maintenance-free bulbs use up to 90% less energy drastically reducing your carbon footprint.

      While LEDs have gotten a bad rep in the past, the LEDs in our wall lights offer some of the best CRI ratings on the market. With their bright light and warm, natural coloration they are not only good-looking, but visibly interchangeable with the traditional incandescent.