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Ideas & Inspiration

Lighting 101

5 Iconic Lighting Designers to Know

To Name a Few: 5 Iconic Lighting Designers to Know 1930-1970 Meet the minds behind some of the world’s most popular lights.

Lighting 101

Color Temperature: Everything You Need To Know

Lighting Just Right Both the natural and the artificial sources of light present in your home...

Lighting 101

Bulb 101

Because there are so many bulbs to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin....

Lighting 101

Watts vs. Lumens: Everything You Need to Know

Setting Straight Lighting’s Most Common Mistake When shopping for a bulb, it is common to ask...

Lighting 101

LED Bulbs: Everything You Need To Know

May We Reintroduce You To The LED? LEDs get a bad rep. This is largely due to the first impression...