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The Deal with Dorm Decor: Defining Your Space

February 28, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

With back-to-school around the corner, a new dorm room is ground-zero for the next steps in a student’s personal evolution. Living on campus is all about coming into your own: your schedule, your relationships, and your own place. Moving into your new dorm is the time to take the space and turn it into a reflection of your personality for your individual needs.

String Lights

String lights are a fast, affordable way to add big personality to a small space. Wrap lights around your bed frame, hang them above your door, or string them across the ceiling for a chilled-out alternative to fluorescent overhead lighting. We have tons of choices so you can find exactly the kind of look you’re going for - from paper lanterns to fairy lights to fun seasonal string lights.

Lamps & Plug-In Lights

Lamps can add some mature style to a dorm room while being practical. A desk lamp with dimming controls can improve concentration and focus. Plug-in lights are also security-deposit friendly and a great choice for adding the right kind of lighting vibe to any rented space. Plug them in and go: instant sophistication.

Flameless Candles

Most dorms aren’t really keen on having open flames on campus, but candles are still a key element when you’re putting together a relaxing space. Get the look without bending the rules with battery operated flameless candles. They come in every size from tiny tea lights to giant pillar candles. Unlike traditional candles, flameless candles can be set with a timer to go on and off on their own or you can safely leave them on all night while you sleep.  

Black and white marble Infinity Wick 3-wick flameless candle

Uncommon Decor

Get fun decorating your room with unique lit decor as an alternative to candles! Interesting lanterns with new shapes offer a completely different vibe and texture to your space. Glass, metal, retro, avant-garde: out-of-the-box decor comes in many striking incarnations to help build out the look you’re going for.

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