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Creating a Cozy Winter Ambiance with Flameless Candles

April 15, 2024
Decor Expert, @lightsdotcom

Now that the Holiday season is over, you may be asking yourself: how are you going to decorate for the rest of the Winter season? The best solution is to use flameless candles! If you are looking for ways to completely transform your home to a cozy winter vibe, keep reading for tips and tricks using our expertly designed flameless candles.

Flameless Candles

Our Infinity Wick flameless candles are extremely versatile and are an essential decorative accessory for the ultimate homey winter ambiance. While still having the look and feel of regular wax candles, flameless candles provide a safe alternative and are ideal throughout the winter months. As they do not run the risk of a real flame, they are safe to use around children and pets. Flameless candles are also safe around other areas of the home, such as curtains, mantel tops, tablescapes, and more! Flameless candles are reusable and can be used for many seasons and years on end. We also offer flameless candles in various sizes and colors for several occasions throughout the year! All of our flameless candles are battery-operated and include a remote, which allows for a steady or flicker flame option, as well as a timer function.

Placing Flameless Candles

To create a seamless and elegant winter-ey look with flameless candles, the best suggestions would be to create arrangements on tablescapes, mantels, fireplaces, windows, spas/bathtubs, for events, or as table centerpieces. Our outdoor flameless candles can be displayed outside, as they are weather-resistant and damp-proof during all seasons, able to withstand snow and rain! Or, opt for a cozy night in with flameless candles for a candle-lit movie night or, perhaps, an at-home date night or candle-lit dinner. These placement options will already help tie in the cozy ambiance of flameless candles! Here are some examples of our flameless candles being used for this cozy winter look in these locations around the house!

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