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Wedding Decor - Go Flameless!

April 4, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

We are happy to say that wedding season is back in full force! Let us help you light the way to a bright future of love and happiness (get it?...).

Flameless candles have become a very popular choice for every kind of event – and for good reason! Not only are they long lasting, easily set by timer, and much easier to clean up than wax candles with real flames, but they are significantly safer. Our collection of flameless candles will provide the romantic effect you want, with all of the upsides you didn’t even know you needed, to help make your day go as smoothly as possible.

With a variety of colors, textures, and flame styles, our flameless candle options can fold into any wedding theme or style; whether formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, romantic or rustic, we have you covered!

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  • Do any of these tapered or pillar candles come in shades of green - Sage, or pastel green? Do the wicks move like the Luminara candles?

    Hi, thanks for your questions - Our Infinity Wick flames are shaped in 3D and translucent to resemble real flames, and while the wick itself doesn't move to "flicker," the LED light inside has a flicker effect, which makes the flame look super real. You can also set the "flame" to a steady light. We do have the Infinity Wick Taper candles in a light green color:  Shop Here!