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Designer Spotlight: Chris Granneberg

June 8, 2023
Cara Palmer & Chris Granneberg, @chrisgranneberg

Lights.com has partnered with industrial designer Chris Granneberg for our new pendant, The Argo Linear LED Pendant. Chris has designed for LG, PepsiCo, Netflix and Uber, using a human-approach to understand how customers use products. He is now using this method to develop a light that is designed for versatility and longevity, which makes Argo ideal for any home.

The Argo Linear LED Pendant presents Chris Granneberg's thoughtful, minimalist design, while balancing Lights.com's high-quality materials and optimized lighting experience. Argo’s integrated LED board provides bright, warm white illumination and is dimmable to create the perfect mood. Ideally placed above a kitchen island or dining table the subtle details of the pendant gradually reveal themselves. We sat down with Chris Granneberg to discuss the process of designing this fixture.

What was your design inspiration for the Argo light?

A boat’s sail. I started with sketching, automatically thinking about the brand. I then narrowed down the ideas that best fit the audience and context, working to keep the designs “architectural”. The “sail bracket” gives the Argo personality while becoming a focal point of the lamp.

Where do you invision this light fixture in customer homes? 

I envision the lights in a kitchen above an island or dining table, the light will not immediately draw attention but when they do the details will be apparent. The Argo will provide lighting for a family’s most joyful moments together.

What was your design process for the Argo light like?

I began sketching ideas quickly, bringing them into 3D and rendering them in order to better gauge what resonated most with the brand. I have a geometric and colorful sensibility and needed to balance it with Lights.com’s catalog, so refining proportions and form to fit both of our brands was a fun process.

Tell us about the finishes on these fixtures. Why satin brass and matte black?

Satin brass and matte black are both finishes that fit current trends but are also timeless and not polarizing. I feel the satin brass skews more traditional, and the matte black more modern, the 2 options fit most contexts.

What are 3 words to describe the Argo pendant?

Geometric, balanced, and minimal. The Argo is composed of geometric forms, the structure of Argo is dynamic yet balanced and it has a minimal form making it appear as an architectural element in the home.

Why did you want to work with lights.com?

Lights.com produces attainable but high-end lighting. Pendant lighting is a product category that lives and becomes part of a home for decades, I love the idea of people enjoying a design I worked on and growing with it.

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