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Modern Bedroom Lighting Design: Tips and Basics

March 26, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

Modern bedrooms are versatile, intimate spaces. They serve as a physical reflection of your interests and style and as a retreat from daily stresses. Modern bedroom lighting should be designed with attention on equal parts functionality and relaxation. This 101 is a quick guide with tips for getting the bedroom lighting you need in with the modern bedroom lighting style you want.

In bedrooms, we typically aim to achieve a soft, diffused general light and support the main lighting source with strategically placed task lighting for activities that require brighter, direct light.  

Flush Mounts

The goal for overhead lighting is an even, inviting light. Use the height of the ceilings in your bedroom to narrow down to the best options for the space. For ceilings 8ft and lower, choosing a flush mount fixture will illuminate the whole room with a diffused light while keeping a short, ceiling-grazing profile.


Higher ceilings allow for more options and bigger fixtures. Chandeliers add drama to the modern bedroom, while providing the kind of atmospheric light ideal for bedroom comfort. Most Chandeliers direct light upward, where it’s reflected off the ceiling for a warm, soothing glow throughout the room.


Wall Sconces are an elegant solution for bedsiding lighting. Placing one sconce on either side of the bed gives you the nighttime light you need and adds a polished, intentional feel to the space. Modern bedroom lighting styles include a wide range of looks and functionalities. For example, the “swing arm” sconces swivel back and forth, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Wall sconces offer the added perk of freeing up valuable nightstand real estate, leaving room for your clock, phone chargers, and maybe even a good book.

Hot Tips:

  • For placement, measure from the floor to top of sconce. It should be roughly 55”-60”
  • If your sconce has a switch, review the placement before installing. You want to be sure you can reach it from the bed.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps are the classic answer to bedside lighting. While occupying space on the table itself, they’re able to produce all the night time illumination you need right at arm's length. A renter-friendly option with no installation, adding lamps provide a diffused, low-key glow perfect for winding down.

Floor Lamps

Visually open up space in your bedroom by adding a floor lamp. Light up dark corners or add a cozy vibe to a sitting area or arm chair.

You can add layers to your modern bedroom lighting, by choosing a variety in your fixtures. Choose complementary elements to unify and enrich your private surroundings. Task lighting near your bed, a warm glow from the lamp across the room, overhead lighting to provide the foundation for mood, each component adds to the restorative power of a private sanctuary.

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