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3\" x 4\" Pecan Mottled Texture Flameless Candle with Timer - Signature
# ENJ18889
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3" x 4" Pecan Mottled Texture Flameless Candle with Timer - Signature

by Enjoy Lighting

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Price: $24.99 $8.00
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3" x 4"

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3" x 4" Pecan Mottled Texture Flameless Candle with Timer - Signature by Enjoy Lighting

Pecan Mottled Texture (Mandarin Spice Fragrance) Premium Flameless battery operated candles with 3 - Level Timer option by Enjoy Lighting

Part of Signature Series by Enjoy Lighting

Our new Mottled texture, available in four popular colors is great for seasonal or year-round decorating. Each candle operates with our new Natural Glow Triple-LED flickering light source, creating the most realistic color and lifelike flicker effect. Distinct fragrances coupled with the décor and lighting elements create instant ambiance. Made with real wax and a realistic melted edge, these mottled pillars provide the look and feel of a burning candle without the risk of fire.

Switch Candle to timer mode and have it go on and off the same time every day for your choice of hours! Timer mode can be set to 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours. Timer candle has three options: Off, On, and Timer. In Timer mode candle will go on the same time every day for either 4, 6, or 8 hours


  • Commercial Grade Mottled Texture Real Wax
  • Available in 3"x4" (sold out), 3"x6", and 4"x8"
  • Mandarin Spice Fragrance
  • 99.9% satisfaction rate on quality
  • On - OFF - Timer button and 4 - 6 - 8 hour timer feature
  • patented triple flicker LED
  • LED will not get hot and last 100,000 hours
  • uses 4 x "AA" batteries which will last 450 hours
  • Realistic flame flicker
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  • Catalog #: ENJ18889
  • Manufacturer's Model: 375014
    1. Saturday 22 February, 2014
    2. Verified via Ekomi

    Customer Rating:

    by Donna R.

    I use these on my mantle and love them. I would recommend them for anyone and everyone.

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    1. Tuesday 26 November, 2013

    Customer Rating:

    by gloria d.

    I am delighted with my candles. They are so realistic looking. I could not be any happier with my purchase. I would recommend these to anyone looking for something special. We use them with the automatic timer, what a treat to come in and find them on. Thank you I will be purchasing from you again in the future...

    Was this review helpful? Yes or No

    1. Saturday 14 September, 2013

    Customer Rating:

    by tami b.

    Fast shipping, good price. Beautiful coloration. Unusual ' flame' gives off a realistic glow. Only downside I can think of is thed smell is not very pleasant, but I do not sit close enough to it to smell. I placed mine on a pair of tall iron sconces and they are beautiful! I have only had them a few weeks so do not know how long the batteries last in them...

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