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  • What color is the flame? Is it yellow or white?
    Thank you for your question, This particular model has more of a yellow hue to it. If you're looking for white you may be interested in this model. Hope you found this helpful, Michael Barreto Customer service rep
  • What material is the base made of? What lumins does the lamp give off? I had the plug in variety that uses a 7watt light bulb right now and wanted mabybe something comparable to this?
    The base of this particular item is plastic. Though we do carry a wide variety of taper candles with plastic as brass base. I hope you find what your looking for.
  • What is the height of this from base to top of flame? Where do I get replacement bulbs or can I just use the basic C7 bulb?
    That item has a 9" height, the base is 6 1/4" long about 1 1/2" thick.
  • How many hours of operation on a set of AA batteries?
    Generally a few hundred hours 300 -500 at least. though they could last for ages.
  • How tall are they?
    Thank you for your question, This item has a 9" height.
  • How tall are these? Is there a choice of flickering or constant flame candles, or are they the same candle which needs to be set? HL
    Thank you for your question, This candle is 9" in total & does flicker.