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Modern, Minimalist, and Merry: The Winter White Collection

November 9, 2020

Holiday decor can be classy! The Winter White Collection was created to provide a polished, fresh option for holiday decor. Cool, smooth textures and rich materials are combined with a subtle pallet of washed whites to create a cohesive collection of objects intended for a festive but understated holiday theme. Glass and marble compliment neutral, washed tones. Porcelain and light touches of metal finishes give just enough gleam without falling into garish. All items are chosen for their individual presence and beauty; lovely as stand alone pieces, together they reverberate joyful, festive tranquility.

A few key pieces in your a formal living room can elevate the space to hit the level of cheer you’re looking for. Choose one strong item to be the focal point, and then compliment it with additional pieces on a mantle, a side table, or along a bookshelf. Don’t try to be too matchy-matchy, by mixing textures and tones but staying within the scheme, you allow the elements to naturally exist in the space and avoid looking staged.

Make visual connections throughout your home by extending the pallet to other common spaces. Adding some cool touches to the entryway or foyer introduces your theme, while a few coordinated candlesticks on a credenza or hallway credenza creates a sense of cohesion as you move throughout your home. A blissful white textured tablescape harmonizes the rooms, especially when entertaining. Bring the theme into your kitchen, but make sure to avoid clashing between countertops and or finishes by layering materials: mercury glass can complement were porcelain could be too much.

The Winter White Collection provides a selection of beautiful items intended for a modern, sleek home. The collection effortlessly presents an elegant Christmas theme, but can smoothly transition into a sleepy post-holiday mood. Rich textures and a soothing pallet provide a developed sense of design without without loosing the of wonder of the holidays.