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The Vanity Collection

Give your bathroom some love with a contemporary, energy-efficient update. Want a bathroom makeover but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help break it down.


With its elegant shape and satiny backplate, the Ronan is right at home with classic or contemporary stylings. Available in our elegant, textured glass or mid-century, linen glass.


With its bold shapes, satiny finishes, and matte, opal glass, our newest collection offers minimal and versatile fixtures that are perfect for the contemporary home. The Atlas Collection comprises everything from elegant, understated flush mounts to simple, yet eye-catching wall sconces, providing stylish lighting solutions for every room.


With its multi-light silhouette, the Sloane quotes the glamour of a Broadway dressing room while remaining elegant and understated. Available, too, in our textured or linen glass.


The Kingston Collection is an ode to traditional lighting but with a modern spin, bringing you the perfect wall fixture for the transitional home. The sconces feature symmetrical, linear arms - a mark of time-honored fixtures - but also include contemporary elements: a minimal, rectangular shape, elegant backplate, and satiny, of-the-moment finishes.


Show-stopping yet refined, the Harper Collection features an array of fixtures that add a touch of glamour to the home. Offered in pendant, sconce, and flush mount silhouettes, the lights feature captivating ribbed glass - giving the illusion of rods in sequence - and a satiny metallic border. 


From large pendants to complementary sconces, the Prospect Collection offers an array of minimal and elegant fixtures that add a touch of understated glamour to any home. The collection’s simple, linear silhouettes embody the “less is more” philosophy. Its minimal approach to traditional shapes make it easy to incorporate with any style.

Thoughtfully designed

Flexible mounting options and simple installation.

Bathroom layouts and their respective mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve customized our vanity lights so that they can be positioned vertically or horizontally with seamless, countersunk screws.

Smooth dimmability. All mood. No flicker.

It’s too common that lights on dimmers, particularly LED lights, will flicker a bit when on lower settings. We’ve worked with our manufacturers to ensure both energy-efficiency and seamless dimmability.

Perfectly finished- beautiful from all angles. Even when reflected above a bathroom mirror.  

Oftentimes vanity fixtures are not fully finished, leaving unsightly spots where the light is installed. This is particularly noticeable when the vanity is placed in front of a mirror, causing the blip in finish to be reflected to the viewer. We’ve finished the entirety of the fixture so that it’s flawless, 360°.

Energy saving and cost saving

Illuminated by energy efficient, yet powerful LED lights.

Switching to LED lights will save on your monthly bills and do the Earth a solid. Our Atlas LED light, for instance, uses a mere 28 watts and gives off 2240 lumens. That’s the equivalent of three incandescent light bulbs in one stylish, eco-conscious fixture.

“True-to-life” LED coloration. Precise skin-tone and color.

LED lights get a bad rap for glaring, bluish tones and muddy discoloring of the objects they illuminate. We’re proud that we have some of the best LED coloration on the market. It illuminates objects at 91 CRI, giving the appearance of life-like skin tones and colors.

Offered in satiny, sophisticated finishes

CLASSIC: Satin Nickel


MODERN: Chrome