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Valentine's Day DIY Floral Wreath

November 9, 2020

in collaboration with @fancyfixdecor

Valentine’s Day is the time for romantic ambiance-and the perfect excuse to keep decorating your home beyond the holiday season. Filling the house with flowers and hearts is exciting, but could get expensive. Nicole of @fancyfixdecor on Instagram created an adorable heart wreath using her leftover holiday decor. It’s easy to fall in love with this budget-friendly DIY!

1. Get a base

Nicole used a heart shaped wine barrel ring, but any heart shape would work as a guide. Make sure your base is sturdy as it will be holding the weight of your decor!

2. Add garland

Do you have leftover garland from the Christmas season? Our Frosted Mistletoe Garland is the perfect glittery covering for your heart base. It looks stunning in dim lighting where the 100 LED light garland glows-and they are conveniently fixed with a timer! Use zip ties and tape to securely fasten the garland, and for easy removal at the end of the season.

3. Decorate and fill in with flowers and lights

Get creative and add pops of color with decorative flowers and leaves. Nicole used peonies and lamb’s ears, complimenting her silvery green garland! You could also add fairy lights for more glow.

Now you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath with materials that will last you through the year. Thank you to Nicole at @fancyfixdecor for this DIY!