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Treehouse Masters

November 6, 2020

Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters is said to be a “treehouse whisperer.” With an active imagination, outstanding skill set and team, and a can-do attitude, Nelson crafts extraordinary structures, turning his clients’ pie-in-the-sky dreams into reality.

In Season 8, Pete had a new kind of challenge. Christina Salway, interior designer and soon-to-be Treehouse Masters team-member, wanted to construct a family treehouse… entirely out of windows. Pete did all the heavy-lifting. We were brought in for the final magic touches.

Christina, her husband, John, and their four-year-old son, Julian, often escape the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn to spend quality time in their home in New York’s picturesque Catskill Mountains. She wanted an elevated structure her family could share that wouldn’t obstruct the views of the beautiful surroundings.

Christina had been collecting salvaged windows for years. To her, vintage windows have character and stories, with their chipped edges and varied glass textures. Over the years she developed a collection from windows she found on street corners to stained glass windows gifted to her by her close family.  Pete worked magic, ultimately creating the ethereal “Glasshouse Treehouse” out of a “patchwork quilt” of these glass treasures.

We awaken that inner child who dreams of living among the trees.
Pete even put a McIntire fireman slide pole off the deck, an addition that little Julian is crazy about.

For a final, dreamy touch and a complement to the salvaged windows, we provided our Bushwick Vintage String Lights, featuring the unmistakable glow of vintage-inspired Edison bulbs, to illuminate the treehouse and surrounding property.

Christina is ecstatic to have this special getaway that allows her family to connect deeply and appreciate the landscape the mountains have to offer.

Treehouse breweries. Irish-themed cottages. See more of Pete’s remarkable work here.