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Fixed Track Lighting Collection

Track lighting is a fantastic way to add beautiful, functional lighting to your kitchen, living room or commercial property. Track lighting heads can pivot and point in multiple directions, making it versatile and distinctive, without overpowering the space. Aim the LED lights to highlight specific areas or items in the room, or angle the lights to disperse the light evenly throughout the area.

Our distinctive track lights come in three gorgeous colors- matte black, satin nickel, and a rich brushed brass. The high-quality LED bulbs come included with the fixture and installation takes just a few moments with the included hardware and special suction cup tool for the special bulbs. We’re so happy to introduce our growing collection of stylish track lighting for any room.

Track Lights are perfect as kitchen ceiling lights. In spaces where there is existing hardware and metal touches, it’s good to sit back and consider how any light fixture will play off other elements already in the space. Finishes don’t have to match perfectly or even at all- but you want to take care that the finishes are complementary rather than clashing. 

Track lighting works well in multipurpose spaces as well. There is a reason track lighting is the go-to in many rental properties or commercial spaces looking to polish up the decor and make a big impact with a little lighting footprint. Install in living rooms, hallways or common areas and feel free to get creative. Track lighting looks great installed as a ceiling fixture or as wall lighting. 

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  • Do you offer these in other sizes?

    At this time, we offer the sizes you see here in this story.