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Tour a Rustic Wandering Tiny Home

November 13, 2017

Kayla and Ben of Denver, Colorado knew they wanted a change. Change looks a lot of different ways to a lot of different people. For Kayla and Ben, it looked like purchasing a bright yellow school bus that they’ve lovingly dubbed Six Eleven, the digits from its public school days.

The couple, and their little one, Jessamyn, set out to turn their new purchase into their new home, one that would afford them to call anywhere they wanted home.

Converting a school bus, into a home, it turns out, is quite the undertaking, and we were happy to be a part of it. Join us on a photo tour of Six Eleven, all dolled up.

Read more about the making of their new home here. Follow along on their many adventures here.

Six Eleven converted into a tiny home, complete with electricity and a compost toilet.

For the color, Kayla and Ben settled on a light sage green.

Illuminating a tiny space in style. Our Clifton Wall sconce and retro Bushwick Bulbs brighten the kitchen and living space.

For us the bus is a pathway to experiences, freedom from debt, and the ability to be close together as a family...the bus for us is freedom and a chance at life.