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Set the Mood: Spooky Halloween Lighting

October 13, 2020

October is now here. (Did you also do a double-take at your calendar?) If you’re strapped for time but can’t do without getting in the Halloween spirit, don’t fret. We’ve got a few simple decor tricks up our sleeves for a big, spooky effect.

Get your spook on with our Halloween string lights-marked down to just $9.99! Choose either a 2 strand option with a flashing party light setting, or a 3 string option with a convenient 6-hour timer! 

It’s easiest to start by picking a few centrally-located surfaces. A coffee table. A console table. The mantle and fireplace. A bench in front of the window.

Once you’ve got them in mind, think about creating levels with lights of different heights. It keeps things visually interesting and casts an array of shadows - perfect for the occasion. We opted for candlesticks and tapers, slim pillar candles, and flameless votives with melted edges for dramatic effect.

No Halloween tableau is complete without… you guessed it. Decorative gourds. Picking a few  strange little squashes that speak to you is half the fun. Big pumpkins, tiny pumpkins, white bumpy gourds, the classic plug-in jackolantern with the goofy grin or all of the above. Arrange them among the lights.

It all begins to come together when draped with netting for that haunted house feel. We’re not biased. Tattered cheesecloths (a fun activity for the little ones in your life) or faux spider webbing will do. To get a little height for maximum drape-effect, cover tall candlesticks or place a tray underneath.

There you have it. A Halloween decoration mantra: levels of light, gourds, spooky netting. Rinse and repeat, and you could be all set.

If you’re feeling really in the spirit, we’ve got a few fun, extra touches.

Bringing the outdoors in is what fall is all about. We’ve extended the netting to cover a bare, illuminated tree and a wreath of branches.

Strategically-placed lit lanterns can take on an eerie feel when paired with Halloween decor. Perhaps on an entryway table or in lieu of a fire in the fireplace.

For one last touch, show off your hard work by setting the scene with strands of delicate fairy lights.

A bonus: at the end of the season, pack up the decor in a storage bin and you’re prepared for next year. Minus, the decorative gourds. Hold on to those. You’ll thank you at Thanksgiving time.

A Halloween decoration mantra: levels of light, gourds, spooky netting. Rinse and repeat, and you could be all set.