Castell 6" Replacement Glass Globe

Item # LG005033


  • One opal etched replacement glass globe with a 6" diameter, made for our Castell Collection in the following styles:
  • Castell Single Globe, 2, 3, and 4 Globe Vanity Lights
  • Castell Curved Arm Wall Sconces
  • Castell 3-Globe Pendant Lights and Semi-Flush Lights
  • Castell 6-Globe Pendant Lights, Linear and Round styles
  • NOT Compatible with Castell 2 Globe Pendants, Castell Lamps, and Castell 8" and 12" Pendants

About this Product

This 6" replacement glass globe is compatible with select light fixtures from our Castell Collection:

Vanity Lights: LC004876, LC004877, LC005196, LC005032. LC005033, LC005345, LC004878, LC004879, LC005197, LC004880, LC004881, LC005346

Curved Arm Sconce: LC005332, LC005333

3 Globe Pendant and Semi-Flush: LC004890, LC004891, LC005274, LC005275

6 Globe Pendants, Linear and Round: LC005138, LC005139, LC005334, LC005335