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Holiday Decor: Small Space Decorating

November 6, 2020

Decorating for the holidays in a tiny home can appear tricky, but there are ways to bring holiday cheer to even the smallest of spaces. Below we offer seven tips for decking the halls in close quarters. 

1. Go for tiny trees.

We all want that majestic 15 footer, but there are ways to get the green without having it occupy half of your home. Tiny trees on tabletops are a festive alternative. Depending on the size of your space, try arranging a few trees of various heights or display a single, simple tree.

2. Maximize side and coffee table spaces.

A carefully arranged candle or two along with a few sprigs of green and a few holiday trinkets can have a festive impact. A few ideas: pair candles with a bowl of ornaments, a branch of pine, or a display of pinecones.

3. Avoid clutter - hang it high.

If you’re in tinier space, odds are you’re low on table and countertop space. Avoid the clutter by utilizing the ceiling. Draping string lights will add a touch of magic and direct the eye upwards, giving an illusion of a larger space. Bonus: string lights can be repurposed for other special occasions or used all year long.

4. Simple centerpieces

Don’t feel compelled to overload the table with grand vases and large floral arrangements. An array of ivory candles will add warmth and ambiance while still providing room for your guests and your delicious holiday meal. For an extra seasonal touch, add greenery - a garland draped lengthwise down the table is always a visual crowd pleaser. Pro tip: don’t have enough room for all the platters? Consider a tiered stand.

6. Go big with the mantle.

Have you got a mantle? If you’re one of the lucky, really go for it. There’s no space that calls for Christmas decor more so than a mantle. Candles, wreaths, garlands, string lights. When arranged with a stocking or two, it will signal that the season is here. Need a few more mantle ideas: read about how designer, Tanya of @houseofsixinteriors, cleverly put her fireplace to use. More here.

7. Party ready with the bar cart.

If you plan on having guests for the holidays, consider decking out the bar cart. It’ll have guests up and moving and will keep the party festive. Looking for a festive cocktail? We’ve got just the thing.

7. Say it with the wall.

Maybe you’re lacking in table space, but have some room to spare on the walls. Illuminated snowflakes and the occasional wreath will brighten your home and bring cheer.  A fun option: arrange holiday cards with washi tape and fairy lights for a reminder of what the season’s all about.