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Q&A With Event Planner Leah Weinberg

November 13, 2017

Lawyer-turned-event-planner Leah Weinberg discovered her love for organizing parties after creating her own unique and colorful wedding. She has a special knack for creating truly unique, colorful events, like this Punk Rock Bridal Shower that we covered. Now, with her own company, Color Pop Events, she shares this make-it-your-own philosophy in her approach to party planning. Here are her best tips on crafting your perfect party.

A good photographer is always worth the splurge!
Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events; photo by Haley Sheffield

What do you hope to bring to the events your create? How is your approach or style different?

I hope to bring a very detail-oriented, calm and problem-solving perspective to the party planning process. My background as a former attorney actually prepared me very well for being super organized, staying calm in stressful situations, thinking quickly to solve problems, and knowing how to deal with people. Weddings in particular can be a very emotional day and you've got to know how to navigate through that successfully.

For non-event planners, throwing a big party can be overwhelming. Any tips for where to begin-or what to do when you get stuck?

Always begin with getting organized. First, create a checklist of all of the elements that you want at the event so that you get a handle on all of the components. Then make a checklist of all of your to-do's. People will find that things are often less overwhelming once you get a solid grasp on the big picture and then get everything down on paper.

In your opinion/experience:

Worth the splurge... A good photographer is always worth the splurge!

Waste of money... I wouldn't say that there's anything in particular that's a total waste of money. Everyone has different priorities, so people should definitely determine what they want to spend more money on and what they are willing to spend less on.

When in doubt… Do what is going to cause you the least amount of stress!