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New Years Eve Decor: Resolve to be Radiant

June 26, 2020

New Years Eve has all the elements we love; the spectacle, tradition, excitement, friends, friends and the drama of a countdown. It’s the best time to throw a party and how better to embrace all that hope and cheer? Get out the appetizers and the bubbly, put on something that sparkles and glam up your home to welcome the turning of the hourglass. It’s time to celebrate.

Go Bold, Go Gold

New Years Eve is all about brightness, contrast, and warmth. Focusing on strong color choices like golds and blacks do a lot of the decorating legwork. Adding a little flash on top of dark table cloths or a strong backdrop adds drama to the space. Take note of the space and make sure the elements don’t crowd one area- space beautiful items that match your around your whole entertaining area so guests are encouraged to move and mingle.

Go Bright

New Years is not the time to be timid. Lots of lights, candles, and glowing items adorning your entertainment space only adds to the festive mood. Lower the ambient light in the room and let the glittering light reflect off candlesticks and matching trays to increase the magic and gaiety. Drape metallic streamers along LED lights to emphasize and magnify their shine, add coordinating napkins, rings for candles, gold rimmed flutes for the bubbly- this holiday is all about dazzle and detail.

Sparkle and Shimmer

Touches of glitter or sultry metallic finishes feel celebratory and at home with the champagne and noisemakers. Contrast is your best friend- make sure you don’t put gold on gold on gold; it’ll dull the whole experience. The romance of the evening is the focus- don’t be afraid to be a little theatrical with a dazzling display at the heart of your party. This is the night to shine.