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Loft Living 101

February 2, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

Loft-style homes and studios are loved for their big empty floor plans and cavernous ceilings. This leaves dwellers excited, but often confused, about how to carve out and illuminate space. Here are some tips to get you started.

To battle the issue of high ceilings, use suspended lights, like pendants or chandeliers, to provide direct, overhead light. You can adjust the length of the chain, rod, or cord to the exact height you need to illuminate, for instance, a dining room table or living room area. Pair one of our oversized, artisan-crafted bulbs with a hanging pendant for an eye-catching statement piece.  

An added bonus is that lofts are perfect spaces for statement pieces. Because the space is so open, the fixture can visible throughout the home.

For smaller, more intimate spaces where direct light is needed, use task lights like table or floor lamps or sconces, to provide illumination for a reading nook, bathroom mirror, or desk space.

This industrial loft is complemented by an industrial, statement chandelier.
Pair one of our oversized, artisan-crafted bulbs with a hanging pendant for an eye-catching statement piece. 
Including lights from a range of eras and styles helps create the easy-going aesthetic these types of homes are best known for.
Mid Century design is another excellent design style for loft-style homes.
Edison bulbs add a vintage, industrial inspired element to any space.

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