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How to Decorate Your Bedroom for the Holidays

March 30, 2021

with @rusticpigdesigns

It’s the holiday season, and you’ve hung your lights outside, decorated your tree, and mounted every stocking. But what if you spread the holiday cheer beyond your living room? What if you could wake up in the Christmas spirit every morning, and go to sleep surrounded by dazzling winter decor every night?

Claire of @rusticpigdesigns decorated her master bedroom for the holiday season- and while it may seem a little out of the ordinary, the end result is totally inspiring. It doesn’t take a lot to transform the space, and the subtle changes are just enough to remind you of the whimsical nature of the season. Here’s what you’ll need to get the look:


Claire chose the Frosted Mistletoe Garland to drape above her bed’s headboard, which brings the perfect amount of sparkle to the room. Each leaf is delicately coated with silver glitter, accompanied by shiny pearl berries that will catch the morning light through your bedroom window. The garland is also fixed with 100 white LED lights, which can act as a nightlight through the dark winter months! This garland has a timer function that will conveniently shut off after 6 hours.

Winter Trees

The Frosted LED-Wrapped Wintry Tree will turn your nightstand into a winter wonderland! The lights are just soft enough to keep on through the night, while the textured bark dusted with snow keeps it looking realistic even daylight. Claire found the perfect spot on her nightstand for this tree, and didn’t worry about wires ruining the look. “I love that the bark even runs halfway down the cord so it blends into your decor.”

Flameless Candles

Love the look of candles in the bedroom? A safer alternative are the Sonora Slim Resin Candles, which are conveniently remote controlled and can be put on a timer. Claire placed these candles above her bed to give a cozy, warm look to the wintry decor.

All of these accessories together give this farmhouse style master bedroom a beautiful holiday-inspired look that will last all through the winter season. Thank you to Claire of @rusticpigdesigns for this inspiration!