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Halloween Highlights

November 6, 2020

When it comes to decorating, Halloween has all other holidays beat. You can go as traditional as you like, or break new ground with kookie displays. Fresh interpretations and creative new takes on how to dress your home for the Halloween are endless and inspiration is everywhere. Using lit elements, the doors open even wider. You can use decorative lights all over your home, inside and out, to celebrate the spookiest of holidays.

Lanterns and Unique Lit Objects

Think outside the box and add some unique elements to your holiday decor. Add outdoor lanterns to your lawn display or line the path for trick-or-treaters. Swap out candles for lanterns on your tablescape for a fresh seasonal look. Rustic elements like lanterns and natural objects are fabulous for halloween and can be easily transitioned from spooky to homey when we move into Thanksgiving. Group together some gords, lanterns and a little hay bail for a classy and versatile fall/Halloween porch display.

Magic and mischief are Halloween’s central themes, making this the best holiday to dress your home. The decor can be as fun, weird, or scary as you can imagine. Lit decor is crucial to creating the perfect mood for the season, no matter if you’re creating a victorian-inspired dining room of curiosities or candy corn fairy wonderland in the backyard.

String Lights

Use string lights to engage your whole space when decorating. Long strands can line the walls or drape between interest points to help move the eyes along. With spray lights, you can create an enchanting curtain of light or create the appearance of magical falling water. Festive, battery-powered lights are perfect to light up corners or in kids rooms, without cords getting in the way. Use fairy lights in bell jars, under cake covers, or tucked into mason jars, you can easily bring the otherworldly fun to your kitchen or bathroom with no fuss. Use outdoor lights around your porch or entrance to delight visitors.

Flameless Candles

Use flameless candles to turn up the drama on your Halloween decor. Try grouping candles of different heights on your mantel or bookshelves. Mix candles into an eclectic, dark floral display for texture in an unforgettable tablescape. Go more “Edgar Allan Poe” with single taper candle next to a skull or faux raven for a theatrical element without taking up much table space. Flameless candles also offer a great, safe alternative to lit candles. Swap flameless candles with timers into your jack-o-lanterns; you’ll only have to light them once all season and never have to remember to blow them out at night.