How Do I Redeem a Groupon's Redemption Code?


Q: I purchased a Groupon Voucher, now what do I do?
A: You need to add the items to the cart, checkout, and pay us for shipping. Please see details below

Q: I purchased more than one Groupon voucher, how do I go about redeeming them?
A: Please also be advised that you can only redeem one Groupon voucher at a time. If you have more than one Groupon voucher, please complete each transaction separately by paying for shipping and confirming the order.

Q: When I enter my valid Groupon voucher it gives me an error that says 'Invalid Coupon Code'
A: Please make sure you're adding the correct item to your cart. Click Here
If you've previously entered the incorrect items to cart, you'll want to remove them by clicking the remove checkbox next to the incorrect item and pressing 'Update' on the shopping cart page.

Q: Why does require me to pay for shipping?
A: As per the terms and conditions with Groupon, shipping is $9.95, payable to LampLust Lighting. Please note that you paid Groupon $15 and you are just paying us for the shipping (and sales Tax in NY)

Q: Am I eligible for free shipping if I purchase more than one item?
A: The LED Battery-Powered Lights Groupon offer is not eligible for free shipping.

Groupon Redemption Instructions

After your Groupon purchase, your order is available for review within Groupon's control panel under tab "My Groupons". Click on the "Print" as demonstrated below circled in red

Figure 1
After selecting "Print", a new window will open with the redemption code included. As seen below circled in red.
Figure 2
Next, enter the quantity that was purchased at Groupon (1,2,3 or 4). Select Cool White or Multi-Color from "Available Options" then press the "Add to Cart" button
Figure 3

On the shopping cart page, review the products added to cart and ensure your order is correct. Modifications to quantity including removing items can be completed on this page. To delete, check the checkbox next to the unwanted items. After making any changes including quantities and deletions, press the "Update Cart", so the total is recalculated.

Next, press the "Checkout" button circled in red.

Figure 4

Next, if you're not already logged in, follow the steps to login or create a new account.

On the final checkout page (below), you'll click the link below the redemption code under "How to use this". Then, select "Add to Cart". From the shopping cart page, select "Checkout" and follow the steps to create an account. On the final checkout page at, you'll enter the redemption code in the "Enter Redeem code" text field (circled in red) and click the button "Click to Redeem". The totals will automatically update to reflect your redemption value. Then, simply fill-in your payment details and select your preferred payment method and submit. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 212.863.9736

Figure 5