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Magic Floating Candles

February 28, 2024
Lighting Expert, @lightsdotcom

Follow this easy DIY for an instant spellbinding decorations your guests will love!

You don’t need a wand to make some magic in your home. With this quick and easy Magic Floating Candle idea, you can transform your home into a Wizard’s den, and give off a majestic candlelit ambiance.

You will need:


Step 1: Cut several long pieces of fishing wire. We recommend cutting varying lengths (anywhere from 8 to 18 inches) for extra dimension!

Step 2: Take a piece of fishing wire and tie one end around a candle. We recommend tying it around the base of the flame for extra security!

Step 3: Secure the other end of the fishing wire to your ceiling using the mounting putty or thumbtacks

And there you have it, the perfect magical remote-controlled floating candles to impress all of your guests this season!

Project inspiration by @apurdyplace

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  • Are they on a timer? Are they LED’s

    Yes, these candles are LED and have a warm flickering flame effect! Once you turn them on, the candles automatically start their timer function. The Black candles come with an automatic 6-hour timer function. The White and Ivory taper candles also come with a convenient remote control, and an optional 4 or 8 hour timer. 

  • Can I use these candles outside in screened in porch in the winter. Wondering if these tapered candles can withstandthe cold Temps in upstate ny in the winter?

    Hi, thanks for your question. We cannot recommend using the Infinity Wick candles outdoors in freezing temperatures. If temperatures get too cold, there is a risk the real wax of the candlestick may crack. Autumn temperatures in a covered porch would be fine, but close to or below freezing we cannot advise. We do offer Outdoor Infinity Wick Pillar candles which have a resin body, not wax, which can withstand colder temperatures. Hope that helps! 

  • Are they solar

    The Infinity Wick Taper Candles featured here are not solar, they are battery operated. Thank you for your question!

  • Would these candles break if they fall down, are they shatterproof?

    The candles are made from pretty sturdy materials, metal inner parts coated with real wax. However, if you drop them from a height of over six feet- you'll probably see some damage. 

  • Planning to hang these candles outdoors, is it weatherproof?

    I'd suggest resin tapers if you plan to put them outside, but none of our candles are really designed to be in the rain or snow- so keep them covered or take them in when it gets wet out. 

  • Would the candle flames still look realistic in broad daylight?

    I'd say they look good for flameless candles, but you wouldnt mistake them for being literally on fire.