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Magic Floating Candles

November 3, 2021

Follow this easy DIY for an instant spellbinding decorations your guests will love!

You don’t need a wand to make some magic in your home. With this quick and easy Magic Floating Candle idea, you can transform your home into a Wizard’s den, and give off a majestic candlelit ambiance.

You will need:


Step 1: Cut several long pieces of fishing wire. We recommend cutting varying lengths (anywhere from 8 to 18 inches) for extra dimension!

Step 2: Take a piece of fishing wire and tie one end around a candle. We recommend tying it around the base of the flame for extra security!

Step 3: Secure the other end of the fishing wire to your ceiling using the mounting putty or thumbtacks

Photo courtesy of @apurdyplace

And there you have it, the perfect magical remote-controlled floating candles to impress all of your guests this season!

Project inspiration by @apurdyplace