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Wedding Candles: Going Flameless Without Losing Your Spark

August 5, 2021

We are happy to say that wedding season is back in full force! Let us help you light the way to a bright future of love and happiness (get it?...).

Flameless candles have become a very popular choice for every kind of event – and for good reason! Not only are they long lasting, easily set by timer, and much easier to clean up than wax candles with real flames, but they are significantly safer. Our collection of flameless candles will provide the romantic effect you want, with all of the upsides you didn’t even know you needed, to help make your day go as smoothly as possible.

With a variety of colors, textures, and flame styles, our flameless candle options can fold into any wedding theme or style; whether formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, romantic or rustic, we have you covered!

Going Completely Classic

Timeless, traditional weddings call for lots of romantic lighting. Flameless candles will provide exactly that. From start to finish. Line your aisle with understated simplicity and class with our romantic flickering Infinity Wick Votives or Tea-Lights. Not only are these flames ultra-realistic, but the candles are smaller and will look elegant when paired with any floral arrangements or décor. They can also be placed inside hurricanes or candle holders, and strategically placed around your event space to provide a fuller effect with a subtle romantic impact.

Another great option when planning your classic romantic wedding are pillar candles. They are more of a statement and can add a brighter focus where needed. Whether at the altar, on a tabletop, or anywhere you want that more dramatic touch of romance. Some of our favorite options are our 3” Infinity Wick Gold Candles  as well as our 3” Sparkling Pearl Pillar Candles, now also available in white. Place them at the ends of your bartop, or clustered on a table for guests to find their place-cards. These beautiful candles will add the perfect amount of sparkle and glow wherever you need it.

Backyard – DIY Romance

If you are planning an outdoor wedding celebration, you are opening the door to even more décor options, but there are a lot of things to consider. Is this item outdoor friendly? Will it coordinate with my backyard and my theme? Do I like it? Yes, yes, and yes! Let us help you pull together the vision you have in mind. Between flameless candles and lanterns, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s start with flameless lanterns. Perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding, are our Perry Lanterns. These are beautifully sleek with their clean lines, black metal frame, and outdoor flameless candle. They come in two different sizes, ideal for adding depth to a tablescape or seating area, and they are open-frame – which means they are extremely easy to handle and you don’t have to worry about fingerprints.

If you are looking for more of a down-to-earth backyard vibe, our Meri Lantern is a great option. The classic lantern shape with solar candle will set the backyard romance as soon as darkness starts to set in. The candle will glow for hours, emitting just the right amount of light, and they can be placed anywhere! Similar in style but smaller in size are our Montauk Mini Lanterns. Perfectly sized to be scattered across tabletops or along walkways to highlight the space where needed, these are a smaller way to add in some desired ambiance. Last but not least for the down-to-earth vibe is our Rory Lantern. These lanterns are small but sturdy and come in a striking red finish. They will add warmth with a pop of color that is suitable for any backyard event, even after your wedding.

While not exactly in the flameless candle category, some other lighting items to keep in mind when planning your outdoor wedding are string lights, and landscape lighting. Our Cara Lantern String Lights are a beautiful and simple way to draw the eyes up and elevate your backyard, or string them along your fence to really define the space. For landscape lighting, one of our most popular and elegant options are the Avalon Solar Glass Globes. You can line any walkway with these, scatter them across tables, or place them on the ends of stairs. These are beautiful, elegant and solar, making them an extremely easy choice.

Modish and Minimalist

One of the latest trends in weddings is minimalist and modern. An urban loft wedding overlooking a skyline encapsulates this theme perfectly, and will need candles that don’t compete with what your guests will see through those giant windows. For this style, we recommend classic shapes and sizes in white or ivory hues. By grouping flameless candles in differing heights and widths together in one cluster, you can add texture and depth while still keeping the modern and clean vibe.

Our Signature Pillar Candles are simple and realistic, with a glow all to their own. The “flame” is hidden within the candle providing a sense of warmth that will perfectly match the brick walls or wooden beams surrounding the space. These are romantic and will blend in perfectly, without taking away from the beautiful surroundings.

Along those lines, but with less of a glow and more of a focus on crisp lines and realistic looking flames are our Infinity Wick Ivory Pillar Candles. These beautifully realistic candles will have your guests in awe. They will reflect upon the modern aesthetic no matter where you place them -  and don’t forget your candleholders! Elevating these will complete your tablescape and mirror the skyline with their varying heights.

For an even more subdued look, white candles are the way to go. Our Oona Slim Pillar Candles come in four different heights and are thinner than regular pillar candles. The melted edges, smooth wax exteriors, and thinner body allow them to coordinate with any other décor pieces you may have. They will also take up less table space, perfect for smaller, more intimate seating arrangements. But don’t be fooled, the light emitted from these candles are ideal. You can space out the candles as needed for that modern, dim, and romantic effect, or place them closer together for a centerpiece..

Tying the Space Together

Wedding lights set the tone of a wedding, bringing energy and warmth, regardless of your style. Whether you’re going for a backyard barbeque, or a four-tier cake in a grand wedding hall, lighting will help you get there. Flameless candles and lit decor offer the kind of versatility that can accommodate each couple’s vision while keeping things safe, clean, and lit. Skip the smoke, skip the mess, give your weird cousin something to steal, and make your linen-rental place happy. Go Flameless.