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How to Style Your Fall Dinner Party

October 15, 2020

Fall is in full swing. It’s officially the season for family and friends to gather, give thanks, and eat delicious fall favorites. Here we offer you a few tips for a festive table to set the stage for a special, shared meal.

For a look that celebrates the fall harvest - without the cornucopia - showcase decor that embodies the natural elements. Aside from the star of the season, the decorative gourd, the easiest way to embrace the great outdoors is with wood grain. Wooden bowls, cutlery, and candlesticks all add a warm, outdoor charm. For a hint of green, consider eucalyptus - a wonderfully fragrant and hearty decor option. Carefully arranged tea lights add inviting ambiance and a touch of illumination.

For a final, magical touch, add a strand or two of delicate fairy lights. The string lights are captivating woven along a dining table or placed in a glass cloche or jar.