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DIY Terrariums

October 15, 2020

Terrariums are a great, low-maintenance way to bring a natural touch to your home. From finding your theme to choosing the best vessel and perfect complementary elements, this simple tutorial gives you everything you need to make your own exceptional terrarium.

To start, you’ll need:

  • Your terrarium (can be any container that allows for air and light. Try a recycled bottle, mason jar, or one of our hurricanes.
  • Succulents (group together plants that need similar environments; ie. more or less arid. Also consider using air plants or even artificial plants to go literally maintenance-free)
  • Soil and pebbles, or sand
  • Tools (brushes, tongs, small shovel or spoon for arranging/adjusting plants, gloves)
  • Flameless candles (with our remote controlled candles you can adjust the glow when needed without disrupting the terrarium)
  • Accessories: rocks, crystals, shells, bark, trinkets or figurines (Anything goes; these can add a unique personal touch to your terrariums)

When you begin filling your terrarium, the first layer should be an inch or so of pebbles to allow for drainage. The next will be soil, as much is needed to cover the roots of your plants. Then you can start planting! You’ll want to play with varying heights and textures to great an interesting arraignment. (Remember to wear gloves when dealing with spiny cacti!) Then accentuate with flameless candles and top it off with your chosen accessories.  

Some other styling Ideas:

A seasonal take - the Beachcomber - Uses Bellona hurricane; super low maintenance with air plants. Kept it light with sand, pink salt crystals and shells.

For a more glamorous take: style the Miro lantern with Spanish moss and faux orchids. Would make a great table centerpiece.

An unexpected take: arrange air plants amongst the fairy lights in our mirrored glass terrariums. Can use the handles to suspend for an ethereal effect.

A dinner party take: keep the rest of the table muted to keep the terrariums the focal point. Brass, greenery and pops of pink make for a fresh coastal-themed tablescape.