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What is your Vision? wants to partner with inspired, independent creatives to bring forward-thinking, on-trend lighting to the world. wants to be a marketplace leader for designer-driven, interesting lighting products that are accessible to a growing audience.

This is a true partnership, including public accreditation and revenue share.

Collaborate with us to create fresh, affordable pieces with real personality and purpose.

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How Does it Work?

We’re inviting designers and visionaries to present professional proposals of lighting products and series of lighting products. will partner with you to bring your vision to life by helping to develop, then manufacturing and spotlight your work. We’re looking for a true partnership and collaboration in bringing lighting products from their inception all the way to the public market.

Please fill in the form below to begin the process. We can’t wait to hear from you.


What We’re Looking For:

Our passion is lighting and we’re looking for others that share that passion. Our goal is to partner and collaborate with independent designers, inspired creatives, and lighting style innovators to create something special.

Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll be setting up a meeting for you to present your vision. We’re interested in fresh ideas for Pendant Lights, Chandeliers, Table and Floor Lamps, Wall Lights, Outdoor Lighting and more. If you’re passionate about the pieces, we want to hear why and how.

For an effective presentation, we’ll ask you to bring the tools that will allow us to see what is driving your passion. Rederings, CAD drawings, material examples- come prepared to get into it with our production professionals who can bring your lights to life.