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Designer Spotlight: Steve Cozzolino

February 21, 2024
Cara Palmer & Steve Cozzolino, @cozzolinostudio

Lights.com has joined Steve Cozzolino in collaboration for the new Milo 2 Globe Linear Arc Pendant. Steve Cozzolino launched Cozzolino Studio LLC in 2006, an award winning and distinguished industrial design, strategy, and branding studio based in New York City. Steve is a design judge and presenter on “America By Design” on CBS, has repeatedly won prestigious Design Awards, and has been featured in The New York Times. Lights.com is proud to offer his designs at a direct-to-consumer price point.

The Milo 2 Globe Linear Arc Pendant presents a sophisticated design through an effortless geometric silhouette. Ideal above kitchen islands, dining room tables, or even home offices, thoughtful mid-century modern styling is at the forefront of this iconic pendant. We sat down the award-winning industrial designer Steve Cozzolino to discuss the process of designing this fixture.

Steve Cozzolino

What was your design inspiration for the Milo light?

A view from the beach - the sun setting over the ocean.

How would you describe your design style?

My mission is to create iconic, highly desirable products that are unique, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use.  My design aesthetic combines beauty with utility to achieve a sensibility and innovation that is, above all, empathetic to the end user and game changing for our clients.  We create authentic experiences, meaningful solutions, and memorable objects.  Design with a purpose.

What was your design process for the Milo light like? How did you ultimately end up with the finished design?

I emphasize the two most important aspects of the design process are communication and collaboration. For this project, we first shared a range of pendant ideas. The bold, dramatic appearance and geometric statement of the Milo concept was immediately the most appealing and clear winner. We then worked closely with Lights.com to refine scale, proportion, construction, and assembly details along with determining the best colors and finishes based on evaluation of multiple rounds of prototypes. These finishes [aged brass and matte black] are warm, inviting, and sophisticated and, therefore, add character and live well in home environments.

What are some unique details about your design?

Since the design is based on bold, but simple geometry, details such as how the forms meet and intersect, all connection and assembly points, are carefully considered to be clean and simple to not interrupt the flow and harmony of the overall design.

Why did you want to work with lights.com?

Since we do not work with many lighting companies, Lights.com presented an excellent opportunity to collaborate. All our client relationships and project approaches are based on a high level of collaboration. Lights.com is a perfect fit since they understand the value and power of a collaborative partnership.

Milo Pendant in Aged Brass
Sketches courtesy of Cozzolino Studio

What are 3 words to describe the Milo pendant? Why?

Geometric – Beauty of the pendant is in its simplicity and clean, geometric lines.

Iconic – Milo is visually bold yet has a minimal appearance. The Milo is easy to remember and recognize.

Sophisticated – The feeling of lightness of Milo creates a sense of balance and expresses elegance and sophistication.

MIlo Pendant in Matte Black

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