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Flameless Lanterns

Filled with warm flameless candles or fanciful fairy lights, lanterns add a touch of magic to the everyday. Our lantern collection has something for every tablescape, porch, or patio. 




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      Flameless Lanterns

      Battery operated Flameless lanterns are a great solution for portable indoor and outdoor lighting. Not only do they provide warm, inviting light on the go, but they also add a decorative element that enhances the home. Our wide selection offers a range of style options from contemporary to bohemian to traditional so you can find the perfect lantern to match your space.

      Each solar or battery operated lantern in our collection offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to traditional lanterns. Our LED lanterns are outfitted with flameless LED candles or LED fairy lights that are both easy on the eyes and long-lasting. Also, unlike traditional lanterns, ours don’t have the worry associated with an open flame. With fairy lights or flameless candles, you won’t have any messy wax drippings or potential hazards.

      Our collection also offers a few solar options so you can enjoy outdoor ambiance nightly. The flameless candles in the lanterns are either battery or solar powered. Once they are initially turned on, the solar lantern’s flameless candles will resume illuminating every evening after spending the day in the sun for their ritual charge.