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Stay Awhile: One New York Airbnb’s Transformation

February 23, 2022

All photography credited to Airbnb Magazine

When do you decide that you’re ‘done’ decorating? When the color palette is balanced? When the room is at max capacity? Airbnb hosts Amanda Judge and Chris Carmody thought they were done styling their Hudson, NY home, until AphroChic design team Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason stepped in.

There were many mini renovations that lead to this home’s transformation, but one detail that cannot be overlooked is lighting. AphroChic design team chose a bold, gold, angled 6-light chandelier to go over the dining room table. Installing the light fixture to hang lower towards the table complements the warm colors of the wood, and makes the otherwise open space more intimate and inviting.

The AphroChic design team also chose a minimalist approach to a floor lamp for the living room. They designed a gallery wall, and lit the corner with our sleek, simply designed Prospect floor lamp. The angled floor lamp complements the shapes of the gallery wall frames and leads attention to the carefully decorated space.

Lighting does make a difference when creating a hospitable and inviting space. It can bring a room together and invite guests to feel at home. Read more about this Airbnb’s decor refresh on Airbnb Magazine.

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