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The 3-Light Pendant Collection

Important spaces deserve strong statements. The 3-light fixtures combine multiple pendant lights onto a single canopy to create a striking, unified fixture that better fits the space than a single light. And with endless options, these lights are perfectly customizable to fold into your existing design scheme or set the bar a new construction project. Choose your shape, choose your style, choose your accessories, and create a personalized fixture that displays your vision to a T.

Think Big Picture

The 3-light pendants are beautiful, but how do you match the space with the perfect pendants? Drilling down to exactly which fixture will hit the mark in your space isn’t just a question of personal style. Take a moment to define the space, not just in regards to the function of the room, but the essence. A grand entryway in an ultra-modern new-build home is going to call for a very different lighting choice than a lets-just-call-it-“quirky” kitchen in your beautiful old Victorian. Organizing your thoughts and focusing on your needs in a practical way allows you to feel out the options with a clear sense of where you’re going.

Down to the Details

After you’ve settled on a mode and shape, you can hone in on the details. Do you like a fabric cord, or would solid down rods be more in line with what you’re imagining? Do you want a more robust shape or would a sleek silhouette be appropriate? The final step would be completing with accessories. Choose bulbs that are a complement to the fixture, rather than a distraction; interesting bulbs behind clear glass can turn a comely fixture into a striking one. It’s always recommended to choose energy efficient LEDs bulbs that last for years, but consider adding a dimmer to for added flexibility.

Find Your Finish

The 3-Light Pendant Collection is a triumph of quality materials and versatile arrangements, ideal for spaces that need to meet a higher expectation. A few simple choices and an array of customization options offer a superior fit in style and mood for nearly any design scheme. Whether you’re freshening up an established, traditional room or crowning the design in a brand-new build- 3-light pendants can be configured however you need for a perfect match.