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The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

December 4, 2019

Forget the socks, nevermind the ties and new calendars. This year, only fun shopping allowed; this gift guide walks you through options for all your loved ones. Find the perfect things to compliment their interests and personalities. Dreamy and free-spirited? We got you covered. Down to earth and handy? Wow them with something pretty and practical. Let’s get your season  started with a knock out of the park.

These gifts are for the person with the camera-ready home each and every season. If they’re all all about home decor, you’ve got this one in the bag. Choose from elegant, evergreen items like botanical wreaths or hurricane lanterns or winter holiday-specific items like unique mantle treasures or mini trees to integrate right into this season’s display.  

Their parties aren’t just fun, they’re essential and deeply appreciated for everyone lucky enough to be invited. Choose gifts that show how much you love being her guest; classic taper candles and holders for dinner parties, festive garlands for festive evenings, or cheerful elements that could be for any birthday or impromptu fête.

They deserve to be an instagram star; you can find out what will be hip for next season by asking what they’re wearing today. Give them something with as big a personality as they have. Lamps with a surprising silhouette or candle holders in dramatic colors and shapes are perfectly on point for those who don’t live by boring rules.

For those who see the magic in the world, who love love and know that fairy tales aren’t make believe, choose gifts that help them bring their dreams to life. Imagine groups of flickering candles and lanterns in a softly lit room, or a backyard strung with lit bistro lights.

Don’t fall back on socks and sweaters, here is a chance to give something they’ll really love. For the backyard landscaping kings, help up their game with solar sconces and decorative lawn lights. A masculine, sleek lamp for his mancave beats a tie or shaving kit every time.

Are they bursting with Christmas spirit? Help them embrace the season with cheery wreaths and garlands. Pile on the Christmas lights and tree candles, and match it all with red and green candle holders and snowy accessories.

Your first dorm or apartment away from home can feel empty compared to mom and dad’s place, especially around the holidays. Find gifts to help them spruce up their stark starter homes and drab dorms. Renter-friendly plug-in fixtures, charming flameless candles and battery operated lanterns add tons of character… and can move with them as they make their way in the world.

Quick, fun things to fill out the space under the tree. Cheerful mini lanterns, lit ornaments and fun accessories, perfect for secret santas, white elephants, and tokens of appreciation for all those who make your life just a little better.

Smart gifts that don’t break the bank. Classy accessories, candles, and home decor that displays taste and quality, without a hefty price tag.