• White Taper Candle with Removable Gold Base, Set of 4
  • White Taper Candle with Removable Gold Base, Set of 4
  • White Taper Candle with Removable Gold Base, Set of 4
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White Taper Candle with Removable Gold Base, Set of 4

Item#: LS4TPR-G
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Product Information

With their life-like drip effect, classic, removable gold bases, and inviting glow, this set of flameless taper candles will add festive ambiance to any holiday display or window sill without the mess of wax drippings or worry of open flame. Each taper activates with the simple switch at the bottom and remains on for five hours.

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Product Specifications

Batteries Included
Battery Type (Volt/AMP)
AA (1.5v)
Candle Effect
Soft Glow
LED Color
Warm White
LED Temperature
Number Of Batteries Per Item
Product Diameter
Product Finish (Color)
White taper with gold base
Product Height
Product Length
Product Weight
Product Width
Switch Options
Automatic Timer/Off
Timer Details
5 Hour Timer Included

Product Reviews

Product Reviews


Q & A

Recent Questions
  • can the bulb come in blue, or can you buy a blue replacement bulb
    The Flickering White Taper Candles are only available with warm white LED bulbs. We do not carry any blue replacement bulbs at this time.
  • I see that this candle is 1.5 in. wide. How tall is it?
    Hello Thanks for your interest in Flickering White Taper Candle with Removable Gold Base. The candle itself is 7"H and the removable candle holder is 2.5" inches in height.
  • I have inserted the batteries with + at the top (bulb end). Turned on (o). I do not get a light. What do we do to get the candles to light ???
    There should be a tab inside the candle stopping the batteries from connecting, pulling that and switching the candles to the on position at the base of the candle should get them up and running for you in no time.
  • I purchased 8 of these and one of the bulbs is bad. It never worked. How do I get a replacement? If there is none, can I get a new candle free of charge since I paid or 8 and only 7 work.
    If you give us your order number we'd be happy to have a working replacement sent to you immediately.
  • When the bulbs burn out are there replacements and what are their brand names and where do I purchase them?
    As far as I know these bulbs are not replaceable. On the upside they're also LED and last about 40,000 hours. Having one go out isn't very likely.
  • Can you tell me the manufacturer's name on these lights? Thank you!
    Easy enough. Lights.com
  • I am trying to set the timer. Instructions say to turn on then push in the button until the candle blinks one. It does not seem like the on/off button can be pushed in and the candle flame does not look like it is doing anything. Is it supoosed to blink on/off to be set? And again cannot seem to push in bottom switch.
    The timer is set as soon as the item turns on. It's an automatic timer. It starts on its own. No prompting needed.
  • I have a narrow window sill. What is the diameter of the base of the candle holder? Thx
    The diameter of the base is 1 inch.
  • do you make a candle like these that can be turned on & off without taking them out of the holder? can the candles that list a remote be operated individually when in close proximity?
    These have a 5-hour timer, the candles automatically turn off after 5 hours. But we do carry the same candles in a Set of 8 that includes a remote where you are able to turn them on and off without manually turning them off. http://www.lights.com/white-taper-candle-with-removable-gold-base-with-remote-p-37453.html
  • How heavy are the candles in the bases with the batteries? I'm trying to ensure they will stay put on the window sill. Thanks!
    The candle and holder with batteries is 3.3 oz each.
  • What is the wattage for these lights? Need 4 watts or less to go behind Duette window shades.
    We typically do not measure the lumens for our flameless candles. They are decorative, made to look beautiful in all homes. They are not able to use to lighten up an entire room or for reading purposes. But, these candles are visible by the window when viewing from the outside.
  • If I order these now, how fast can I get delivery?
    Depends where you are located and the method of shipment selected. Most orders ship within 24 hours.
  • Is the LED light white or yellow/orange?
    These candles are warm white which is closer to yellowish-orange color.
  • Will they turn back on by themselves?
    Once you set the timer, the candles will turn on every day the same time you set them.
  • Approximately how many total hours will a candle operate on a pair of batteries?
    AA batteries approximately last for at least 180 hours.
  • How tall are these candles with and without the holders?
    These candles are 7 inches in height without the base.
  • I received these lights and am able to remove the base to reach the switch but can not find where to put the 2 batteries. Please help!
    You would need to unscrew the top LED bulb and insert the batteries from there.
  • I purchased 2 sets of these from amazon and of the 8 candles 1 does not work properly. All the others are bright and beautiful but the one is barely visible. Could you send me a replacement? Thanks
    Could you send a copy of your amazon order number to cs@lights.com along with a brief description of your issue. Once received we'd be happy to have a replacement order for you immediately.
  • Can these be set to stay on day and night?
    These candles are only 5-hour timer operated. But we do sell the same candles in a Set of 8 that is remote activated: http://www.lights.com/white-taper-candle-with-removable-gold-base-with-remote-p-37453.html You'll be able to turn them on/off as you desire.
  • I recently purchased some different candles butt I am not satisfied because only a small portion of the bulb lights up. The candle does not provide much light. Is your picture representative of the light you get. Does the whole bulb light up?
    We recommend for you to swap the batteries from the ones that work into the ones that do not work. If you are still experiencing problems, please email us at cs@lights.com and we will further assist you.
  • Are there any videos of these candles. I don't want wan that flickers too much and would like to view
    We do not have a video of these at this time. The flicker on these is a soft flicker glow, the flicker is not rapid at all.
  • Do you need tomanually turn these ON daily or does the cycle mean it comes back on by itself after the 19 hrs?
    No, they will turn on every day at the same time.
  • Can these be used for outside use, as in wreaths? Thanks!
    Yes, these ivory tapers are made of a weather resistant plastic.
  • Are these candles flickering?
    Yes, the LED inside each candle flickers
  • I submitted my question twice last week and haven't received an answer yet. When should I expect an answer. It's been over 24 hours
    If no one has reached out to you, there is a possibility there was an issue when you tried submitting. I've checked our records, and don't show any questions from this email address. For immediate assistance, please contact us directly at cs@lights.com, or give us a call us at 1-866-490-9358. Cheers.

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