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  • i see the description is 16.5 feet but in one of the questions they are referred to as 20 feet. Are they 16.5 or 20 feet
    The Warm White 50 LED Copper Wire Battery String Light is 16.5 feet in length.
  • what kind of battery and how many per string?
    The Warm White 50 LED Copper Wire Battery String Lights use AA batteries and each string requires 3 batteries.
  • Can the copper wire be wrapped on metal with out shorting the whole unit out?
    Wrapping the Warm White 50 LED Copper Wire Battery String Light around a metal surface will not cause the unit to short out.
  • Do these lights have the capability of doing more than just staying on? In other words, I am looking for a "firefly" effect where the lights blink off and on.
    These lights only run steadily. Non flashing.
  • Does this have a timer?
    Hello, These battery powered warm white copper wire string lights don't have a timer, but they do have an easy on/off button located on each battery box. Currently, our only warm white copper lights that come with a timer is Manufacturer's Model: LC003464, and they plug in.
  • Hi do you sell the Warm White 50 LED Copper Wire Battery String Light, Set of 3 individually? I need 4 sets
    Sadly we do not. The only individual strand we have is 99.5 ft long and has 300 LEDs. You may view it in by clicking the link below.
  • Is each string in the set 20 feet, or is the length of the entire set 20 feet (all 3 together)?
    Each strand is 16.5 feet.
  • I'm looking for the white or warm lights on copper but I need a timer on the battery pack. Do you have any like that?
    Sure, here you go
  • Can multiple light strands plug into each other?
    These are not connectable.
  • What are the dimensions of the battery pack? Is the a more suitable strand of tiny warm LED lights to use on a wreath? (The battery pack will have to attach to the wreath and be easily reached to replace the batteries periodically.) Thank you.
    The only smaller option we have we have is one at this time
  • Where are these lights made?
  • Do these come with clear wire ?
    They do not.
  • About how long do the batteries last (how long will a strand stay lit)?
    Approximately 120 hours.
  • How big is the battery pack and how far is it from the first light?
    The battery pack is 2"L x 3 H" And has a .75 width. Distance between LEDs: 4" (10.16 cm) Lead wire: 12" (30.48 cm)
  • Is each strand 20 feet? Or are they 20 feet in total?
    Each strand is 20 feet.
  • Do these lights have a timer?
    They do not.