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Recent Questions
  • Can these candles be used outdoors? such as outdoor wreaths and garland? thank you
    It isn't suggested as these are not weatherproof.
  • Are these timer candles
    These do not have a timer. For a full list of candles with timers, you can view:
  • What diameter are the candles? My holder uses approximate 3/4 inch opening.
    These candles are 3/4" in diameter.
  • can candles be operated individually manually and/or with the remote?
    they can be operated both individually and manually without the remote.
  • The candle will be set in a red glass holder in a church. Will it show through the red glass at a distance? How long does the candle last (on 24/7)before the battery needs to be charged. Thank you, Gen Clapp
    You should be able to see it at a distance without any problems. The batteries depending on their life will last anywhere from 50 - 100 hours.
  • Is the flame a more white or yellow glow? I want to use these in my windows of my garage and be seen from the street. Will they be bright enough. What is the length of the timer in hours?
    These items do have a yellowish tinge to them. They can be seen from a distance though they do not have a timer option.
  • Are these candles made to put into windows? and if not...what is the purpose of the clips? Thank-you!
    The clips can be used on window ledges Though we've also had customers clip them to their Christmas trees as well. Though they can just stand on a window ledge as well.
  • Can these candles be used in a holder, we are doing a play and need one flickering remote controlled.
    They do fit in most standard candle holders.
  • In what lengths are the taper candles available ? Looking for candles to be 10 - 12 inches long. Thank you.
    Our tapers generally range anywhere from 6-12 inches. Here is a link to some of our 10" tapers. Have a great day. Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
  • I have not purchased yet. Considering, however, do candles have to be replaced when bulbs go out since bulbs are irreplaceable? Thanks, Lisa.
    The bulbs are LED are have an extremely long life to them. At least 10,000 hours. The only problem that I've ever had regarding the bulbs was one not working upon arrival and in those instances we simply send replacements. We stand by our products.
  • Since bulbs are not replaceable, are candles no good when the bulbs go out ?
    We stand by our products, If you call our customer service team at 866-490-9358 Extension 2, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you work out any issues. Have a great day, Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
  • Hello, just received my candles. They work great, except for one. How do I go about getting one candle replaced? Thanks.
    You can call our customer service team at 866-490-9358 with your order number and I'm sure they'll be happy to have a replacement order created for you immediately. Have a great day, Michael Barreto Customer service representative
  • Would these candles be ok outside? I have a chandelier I want to hang on the patio and put these in it! Thanks!
    They aren't labeled as outdoor indoor so it certainly isn't suggested, but if they're protected from the rain and elements they should be fine.
  • 4.5 inches tall include the bulb?
    That is correct
  • Are these candles plastic or coated with wax?
    Thank you for your question, These items are made of plastic
  • Will one remote control more than 4 candles? I need about 24 candles for my tree.
    1 remote control can control multiple candles
  • Are the candles coated in wax or plastic?
    Thank you for your question, These items are made of plastic.
  • Can the light bulbs on these be changed to color bulbs
    The bulbs cannot be replaced
  • Why do some of the candles come on without using the remote. They randomly just come on. I shut them off in the dark, so I know they were off. These candles aren't suppose to be solar operated. Weird. Help!! Thank you!
    I...Have no idea why that would happen. How many is it happening to? If you give me your order number I'd be happy to have them replaced for you. Have a great day. Michael B Customer service rep.
  • Hi, I am wondering if these lights can also be set to not flicker but be steady burning? Thanks, Peter
    The flicker can not be changed or shut off
  • Is there a setting without the flicker and just a constant light. Thank you.
    This candle only has a flicker option. The flicker is slow and very calming
  • I am wondering if the flickering "flame" looks real in not only flicker, but color and emitted light comparable to a Real Candle? If I purchase additional sets, will one remote turn on and off all the candles that are together, or does each remote only work its 4? one final question, there is an indication that the more sets bought, the "better the price" but I don't see any breakdown. I am considering 10 to 15 sets so I can do my whole 8+ foot Christmas tree so a discount price would be appreciated. I apologize for being so "picky" but I am a real Christmas NUT - ask any of my friends - and very particular when it comes to my decorations. Thank you for your anticipated prompt reply. Al Errato, Jr. AKA MR Christmas
    Worry not Al, I appreciate you making me think. The candles flicker is as authentic as a flameless candle can be. I stand firmly behind the product. One remote will turn on all the candles as long as they're within range. Regarding the price break I'm happy to help you with that, Call me at 646-395-9896 and I'd be happy to give you a 10% Discount towards your purchase. Have a great day, Michael Barreto Customer service representative. PS. Loving your Christmas spirit
  • 1. What is the range on the remote control. 2. Does the remote cotrol turn the power off completel so the batteries do not run down when the units are off. 3. How many hours can I expect from these candles. 4. Will lithium ion batteries work in the candles. I plan on using a couple of sets in our church and possible more. Respectfully, Don Jones
    Thank you for your question Mr. Jones, The range depends on a few variables. Though generally they're good between 20 & 50 ft. 30 ft. is probably a safe average depending on the battery life. Once the light is off it will not use up battery life. And they usually last anywhere from 300-500 hours Give or take a few. And yes, lithium batteries will work in these. Respectfully, Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
  • The description does not mention if the light bulbs on these candles flicker like a real flame. Do they flicker? I am very interested in purchasing 2 sets. However, I must know if they will flicker. Your promote response is most appreciated. Thanks, Jodi
    They flicker like a real flame
  • How much light is given off compared to a real candle? The candles would be located in the center of the church about 7 feet above the floor. We would like them to be seen as if they were real flames. Thank you.
    Thank you for your question, The light given off of these is the same as an actual candle. The radius of light reaches approximately 5 inches from the candle. Maybe slightly more. It should be plainly visible from any angle.
  • Will the remote still work if the candle is inserted inside of a piece of PVC pipe? The church Advent wreath has 4 pieces of PVC pipe which are painted purple & pink & now house 4 oil canisters. Our concern is: will the plastic pipe interfere with the operation of the remote?
    Thank you for your question, The remote should not be effected by the PVC at all. As long as your within range everything should be just fine.

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