• Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)
  • Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)
  • Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)
  • Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)
  • Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)
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Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights, Cool White (24 ft.)

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Product Information

These heavy duty, luminous rope lights are perfect for both special occasions and year round use. Features nearly three-hundred cool white LED lights staggered along 26 feet of durable plastic tubing. Line along patios, gardens or stairways or wrap around handrails for a festive touch.

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Product Specifications

Amount of LEDs/Sockets per String
Bulb Cover Material
Clear Plastic
Bulb Type
Bulbs Included
8 Strands
Connectable (Y/N)
Distance Between LED/Socket
Indoor or Outdoor
LED Color
Cool White
LED Temperature
Light Output
Light Source
Maximum Wattage
Power Cord Length (in) - Distance from Plug to 1st Light/Socket
Power Source
Product Diameter
Product Height
Product Length (ft)
Product Weight
Product Width
Socket Type
String/ Wire Color
Switch Options
Plug In
Timer Details
Total String Length (ft)
26 feet

Product Reviews

Product Reviews


Q & A

Recent Questions
  • Is it possible to get a longer lead cable? How thick is the cord part of the lead cable? Thank you
    The only lead cable available for the Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights is the 2 foot lead cable. The lead cable is 1/4 of an inch in diameter.
  • If sealed with silicone would the perimeter of a backyard pond be an appropriate use for these lights? I would need to attach rope to rock, any suggestions?
    We do not recommend using the Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights in a space where they could be damaged by water.
  • I don't see a spec for lifespan of the LRLHVCW light strings. Are they 10K hours or 50K or something else? My application is for a hollow 10'x4' sign, lit from dusk to dawn, and I wanted to get an estimate on how often we might expect to replace the strings. The sign protects the bulbs from water and wind, but not temperature. Thanks.
    There is no specified lifespan for the Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights. However, many customers have reported a lifespan of several years with constant use.
  • Can these lights be bent 90 degrees? If so how quick or short can/will they bend? i.e. Short or long sweep. If one or more led(s) burn(s) out will the remainder continue to burn?
    Thanks for your questions. Yes, the Super Bright Plasma Expandable LED Plug-in Rope Lights can be bent at a 90 degree angle, however the lights are incased in a stiff layer of protective plastic which will not easily stay bent at sharp angles. If a section of the Rope Lights were to go out, the other sections would continue functioning properly. Also, this item comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • what country are the rope lights made and any warranty
    All of our products are designed and developed in Brooklyn, but manufactured in China. They have a 90-day warranty.
  • I want to light an outdoor bocce if I put lights on both side of the court with a reflective backing will they light a 12 foot path
  • How long is one streams for 35 bucks? Thanks Paul
    26 feet in total. 24 feet of light.
  • I have a slate wet bar and want to install under the counter where people sit. Does this rope put out enough light to show slate facing?
    It certainly does.
  • I have 222'(feet) of fencing that is located around my backyard and there's not enough illumination for security. If your longest rope light is 26' I would need (8)26'=208' " not enough " & (9)26'=234' "to much". Do you have 25' lengths and can I connect 9 of them together with a timer?
    Sadly we do not. However. your total footage with 9 ropes woul be 218.. only the first rope is 26 feet.Every rope after that is only 24 feet of light bringing the amount of rope you'd have to 218 feet in total.
  • Can I get a male pin end with a plug end at the other end
    sadly you cannot.
  • Do you have any 6' lengths?
    16.5 is as short as they come.
  • If a dimmer switch was attached to this would it actually be able to dim it? And if so, does it flicker?
    No this won't work with a dimmer and does not flicker.
  • Who is the manufacturer of this product?
  • Can this rope light be cut to make a smaller length? I am needing 10 ft in length.
    We don't recommend it as that voids the warranty but yes we have had customers cut it successfully.
  • How many lumens output are they?
    approximately 750
  • do these have a switch or do I have to plug them in/out when I want to turn them on/off?
    They have to be unplugged/plugged in.
  • Do your rope led come with electric plug>
    They certainly do.
  • How many watts per string are these??
    Each strand is 0.8 watts.
  • can i order custom lemgth?
    While you can not have your lights custom cut, we do offer a set lengths of 26 ft. and you can connect additional 26ft ropes to get close to your desired length.
  • i have a train set (4' x 12') in my cellar that is about 3-1/2' tall and the joist are 8' high. That leaves roughly 4-1/2' in between the two. Would these lights give me enough light around my train set without having trouble seeing when I put the train on the tracks? Also how many would I need?
    These ropes are 24.5 feet long so 1 set should suffice. They'd certainly be bright enough as well.
  • sirs: could you give a total cost on 7 --25' Rope Lights LRLHVCW is it with shipping? . thank you
    Before tax, your total is $210. All orders over $150 are valid for free shipping, and you would qualify if you are within the 48 contiguous states.
  • what is the lumens per foot of the super bright LED cool whites? LRLHVCW
    Unfortunately we do not have that information.
  • Do these lights run on 12 volt dc power, What is the spacing between the lights. can the strings be split
    The string can not be split, and are powered by 120V Ac. In order to get it to dc, you would need to have a converter (we do not provide these). The length between each light is approximately 1".
  • Do you carry this in 3/8 to 1/2 inch diameters and can these lights be used outside year long?
    These lights can be used outdoors. At this time, we only have .75" D rope lights.
  • Can you attach a connect a mini function controller to these lights?
    We recommend not connecting anything additional to the lights the would add to the maximum wattage used/allowed per rope. Compatibility with plugs may also be an issue.
  • do these lights need to warm up? I use a light show program. going to be turning them off and on a lot as music plays.
    They do not need to warm up
  • Do they plug into a regular 110 outlet? is that plug included
    Yes, plug is included
  • How flexible are these lights and what is the diameter of the rope? I am wanting to redo some of our yard ornaments for Christmas.
    They are about an inch in diameter and fairly pliable. I mean they cant be bent in half. but they can bend quite a bit.
  • Are led plasma rope dimmable?
    These are not dimmable
  • The Plasma Cool White Super Bright LED Rope Lights by LampLust appear to be flashing in the video. Is this correct. I want to purchase 3 x 24.5 ft but do not want flashing lights. Also, will connectors be included to connect them to together to plug in to 1 power source?
    The frame rate of the video was too slow causing the lights to appear as though they are blinking. They don't actually blink.

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