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    Space Projector Light - Oil Wheel - Violet/Red
    # MAT17528
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    Space Projector Light - Oil Wheel - Violet/Red

    by Mathmos

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    Space Projector Light - Oil Wheel - Violet/Red by Mathmos

    Space Projector Light by Mathmos 

    Available with Graphic Pack or Oil Wheel

    Only Available as Silver Projector

    Mathmos Space Projector Light with Graphic Pack:

    Mathmos Space Projector Light projects a rotating image of up to 1.5 meters in diameter onto a wall or ceiling. There are 2 different coloured projectors; silver or pink. Each space projector light comes with a limited edition graphic pack of your choice, which includes the acid etched graphic wheel and 4 colour slides. Each edition is limited to 900 numbered products.

    Mathmos Space Projector Light with Oil Wheel

    Each space projector light comes with an oil wheel of your choice. There are currently 5 to choose from. Oil wheels can be purchased separately by clicking here.

    weight: 2 lbs.
    size: diameter 9.5"
    light: 20W, 12V, 35mm closed dichroic spot.
    materials: base and body are made from ABS plastic.



    This Mathmos lamp is just one of a wide range of Mathmos lamps in a variety of sizes and styles.

    Read more about this and other Mathmos lamps on our blog.

    Free Shipping in the USA!

    • Catalog #: MAT17528
    • Manufacturer's Model: SPS5100
      1. Tuesday 22 January, 2013

      Customer Rating:

      by Charles L.

      I love this product. I know have a Psychedelic 60's light show in my music room. Very inspirational...

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    • I have a mathmos space projector, but I need a replacement bulb for it. It is a 20W projector bulb. Menards has a 20W projector bulb. Can I get that one? Would it work or is it the same? It looks like it is similar. The original bulb has 12V 20W 10 printed on it. Also FTB E7. The bulb at Menards has 12V 20W on it, and it has the two same prongs. Thank you for your reply.
      That bulb should be just fine for this item.
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