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  • Can I get just internal replacement parts without buying a complete unit? thanks
    Thank you for your question. We do not sell internal replacement parts. The Solar 8" Paver LED Landscape Lights do carry a 6 month limited warranty. For more information, email
  • I would like to use several of these scattered within a pathway of brick pavers. Can people walk on them without breaking them? What is the heaviest weight they can withstand thank you. Patti-Jo
    They can be walked on and can withstand about 250 lbs without issue.
  • Is it waterproof
    It is weatherproof
  • How much does each light weigh?
  • Can these be set in concrete? are the batteries on the bottom of the fixture?
    They can be set in cement but they would need room around them so you can pull them out as the battery is in the bottom of them.
  • I purchased 10 of these pavers 2 years ago. They have been a constant problem. They were installed in my driveway and sidewalk. They are "supposed" to be water resistant but that is not the case. Five of these pavers had to be replaced because they absorbed water and rusted internally and quit working. I replaced them because they were over a year old and the guarantee time had passed. They were NOT underwater. They were rained on during the rainey season in Florida where I live. Currently I have 3 not working. Is there a way I can repair them without buying, once again, new ones? The big problem is they leak, contrary to the brochure that they do not under normal wear and tear. I like them but the constant problems are wearing thin. I need your advice. Thanks James L. Rutter
    Hi there, I forwarded your issue to our customer service department, and they were not able to find your order number. For immediate assistance, please forward your order number, contact information, and product issue to our customer service department at All the best
  • how long do the batteries last?
    While its not definite, and depends on general use, each charge on these batteries should last up to 2 weeks,before needing to be recharged.