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Solar Panel II

Item#: LC003243
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Exclusively compatilble with our Lights.com connectable Christmas string lights, you can connect up to 6 of our Christmas string lights together with this solar panel. A low voltage alternative perfect for indoor and outdoor use, each solar panel has an On | Off button switch, 6-hour timer option, and 8-light sequence options to choose from!

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Product Reviews


Q & A

Recent Questions
  • can you cut a string of lights to make a shorter length and still have the remaining lights stay on? Thanks.
    We don't recommend making any alterations to the electronics or cords of the products as it will void any warranty and can cause safety concerns.
  • Can I use this solar panel with the G16.5 Black connectable string light
    No those panels are only able to connect to these strings http://www.lights.com/solar-christmas-string-lights-p-37009.html
  • Is the solar panel top glass or plastic ? and which of your solar lights have glass tops ? Plastic becomes opaque after a while and doesn't capture the sunlight. Thanks
    They're all Plastic.
  • Hello! We would like our lights to go on at dusk (sounds like that is what this does), and go off at 11pm. Can we set the time for it to go off? Thanks
    they will go on at dusk though they won't go off until they run out of charge. (unless turned off manually)
  • Is it possible to have these turn on at dusk for a set amount of time and then back on before dawn for a set amount of time?
    They will turn on at dusk on their own. Generally they stay lit for about 6 hours after that.
  • Is the solar panel defective if the lights come on but go back off in 10-15 minutes ?
    It sounds like it could use a new rechargeable battery.
  • Is it possible to put together 100' of your string lights and power them with solar?
    certainly, each panel can power up to 180' or 6 strings.
  • what is a 6 hour cycling timer? Does that mean it will automatically turn off after 6 hours?
  • i have a question I have bought these string light sets before but I seem like the solar panels don't last. I have 3 sets of lights a new 2 panels but the panels don't last after 3 days in the sun they still don't work. I believe they r about a year old and one was never use. Should this common?
    No we do have an updated model that has none of the issues of the previous model. This version has been wonderfully quality tested.
  • I would like to use rope lights as under the cabinet lighting in the kitchen (for mood, not task lighting) with the connectable solar panel in the kitchen window. Advice? Caveats?
    Make sure its well lit.
  • do you have it submersible? Waterproof? Thank you. Item: URL; http://www.lights.com/solar-panel-p-37341.html
  • Do you happen to know which option of the 8 patterns is just "on"? I was having trouble with the options and it's a disco party in my chicken coop right now....
    The last of the 8 settings is steady "on"
  • Can I use this solar panel system to connect my existing LED lights, essentially converting them from "plug in LEDs" to "solar powered" LEDs? If so, I will order. I am trying to convert all of my holiday lighting to solar-environmentally friendly without being a Scrooge. Thanks
    These panels are only compatible with our connectable string/rope lights (seen below) If you have those they'd connect just fine. If not than no these wouldn't work for your needs. http://www.lights.com/warm-white-100-led-strand-for-connectable-string-light-systems-p-16823.html http://www.lights.com/cool-white-100-led-rope-light-for-connectable-system-p-36616.html
  • Are the batteries in these solar panels "replaceable?" It looks like they are, which would make them much better than previous type.
    They certainly are.
  • On the description for these lights http://www.lights.com/cool-white-rope-light-connectable-system-p-36616.html?xsell=1, it says you can only connect up to six, but the solar panel says 14. Are these lights not compatible?
    The factory does state 14 can be connected to it. We do not suggest that as the draw would be a bit much on the lights but it is certainly the correct item.
  • Will this charge that rope lighting I bought from you. The ones that you advertise to connect up to 222 led lights (9 rope lights)
    These are compatible with either of the ropes in the link below http://www.lights.com/cool-white-100-led-rope-light-for-connectable-system-p-36616.html http://www.lights.com/color-changing-rope-lights-connectable-system-p-36619.html
  • Which LED lights can be connected to this and does it require any additional parts?
    Its connectable to any of the items below and nothing else is required to operate it. http://www.lights.com/multicolor-100-led-strand-for-connectable-string-light-systems-p-16825.html http://www.lights.com/color-changing-100-led-rope-lights-for-connectable-system-p-36619.html And http://www.lights.com/cool-white-rope-light-connectable-system-p-36616.html
  • is this solar panel compatible with the color changing 100 led rope light form connectable system?
    They certainly are

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