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Solar Mason Jar with Amber and Color Change Option

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Price: $15.00 $14.00
    1. Tuesday 27 May, 2014
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    by Nina S.

    the product was to be used for a meeting in Maine. The product was fine but is was the wrong color. Nothing could do about it.We all wanted one...

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    1. Wednesday 21 May, 2014
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    by Jody Z.

    I am using this product on my patio. 1 light did not work at all. 3 worked for 3 days & then stopped. I also can not believe the metal closures rusted after one rainfall as they are advertised for outside use. They are; however; very pretty when working correctly...

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    1. Saturday 01 March, 2014
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    by connie k.

    out side for glow at night

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  • Is there a flickering aspect to this light??? Or is it a steady light? How is the color changing started? I want to purchase this for a light sensitive person, to use as a calming device. Thank you.
    The mason jars do not flicker, They have a very soothing steady glow. The color changing is started by lifting the top. Underneath is a switch that says RGB (Red, green, blue) Just switch the on switch to that and let the color changing begin. Have a great day, Michael Barreto Customer service representative.
  • Ordered 2 thru Amazon. Opened first one and it rattled. Tried to attach gizmo to inside of jar. Should this have come off and will it effect operation? Should jar be left open so sun hits the panels or can it be latched shut? Directions weren\'t best...have no idea where battery is!
    I\'m not exactly sure which Gizmo thing your referring to, But the light can be charged with the lid closed. You just have to make sure the glass is always clean or it could affect the items ability to charge. The battery is located just under the on/off switch. You have to life it from the rubber to see it.
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