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Purple Solar Tea Lantern

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Purple Solar Tea Lantern

Solar Tea Lantern

Also available in Metallic Series. Click here for more information

Catching the sun's rays by day, the sweet Solar Tea Lantern lights up by night to cast a warm romantic glow from within. Clean and quaint, each hand-blown glass lantern is embedded with a combination of luminescence and white glass. Unlike most other solar lights, this lantern utilizes a "warm white" LED, for a natural, inviting glow. For instant ambiance, add a little romance to every evening enjoyed outdoors!

The solar tea lantern has many uses: Nestle in the garden, sit flat on a tabletop, deck, patio or stairway, or carry by hand to light the way by night.

Dimensions: 6.5" Tall x 5" Wide

Comes with:

  • High Quality Glass
  • Warm White glowing LED
  • Get the glow from within!
  • Beautiful signature design
  • Available in White, Saffron, and Mint
  • Handle on top
  • Rechargeable Nickel Battery
  • Solar Collector

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    1. Thursday 08 August, 2013

    Customer Rating:

    by Darlene G.

    The glass is beautiful. I have not used this as I bought it for a gift. However, it is very pretty and would make a great addition to any decor...

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