• Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
  • Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
  • Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
  • Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
  • Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
  • Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8
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Solar Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8

Item#: LLSDL
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Product Information

Easy to install with the included drill bit, this innovative, connectable system of 8 solar deck lights is a perfect addition to entryways, driveways, decks, and so much more! Each light in the system connects to one another with the two-prong attachment located on either side of their lead wires, giving a 5 feet space between each, and a solar panel that can be placed up to 9 feet from the display. Use all 8 deck lights or line them sparingly for the best lighting solution for your landscape needs. These deck lights are perfect, not only for decks, but can also fit neatly in gravel, lawns, and multiple other landscaping mediums.

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Product Specifications

Amount of LEDs/Sockets per Item
Battery Life
8 hours
Battery Type (Volt/AMP)
3.7V 700MAH Li battery
Bulbs Included
LED Color
Cool White
LED Temperature
Light Output
Light Source + Lifetime
Maximum Wattage
Number of Batteries Per Item
Power Source
Switch Options
Timer Function

Product Reviews

Product Reviews


Q & A

Recent Questions
  • I have a couple sets of these but some of the bulbs are burned out. Where can I get replacement bulbs?
    Oh no! I am sorry to hear that, our Customer Service Team will email you with more information for your replacement request!
  • I bought these and they are awesome but too bright. Can I put a dimmer on them?
    We have had customers who have done that successfully though we don't suggest it as that would void any warranties.
  • I bought 2 sets of these. One set of lights covers one set or stairs and the other set of lights cover another set of stairs. Each set goes to their own Panel and the two Panels are facing up one next to the other. I was surprised to see tonight that one set of lights was dimmer than the other set of lights, one set was very bright and the other was much dimmer, however the first day i installed them this was not a problem. What could be causing one of the sets to be so dim when they are setup right next to each other and both panels should be getting same amount of light.
    It sounds like the battery in the solar panel is giving you an issue. Replacing it should fix any problems.
  • Hi I purchased two sets of these and they are great, but i need an extension cord so i can play the solar panel a little further from the edge of my deck. In any case, I ordered in the past the extension cord LLSDL-EC and it does not seem compatible as the two prongs are both circular. If you look at the end of the lights there is one circular prong (thin) and one rectangluar prong and other side of cable the reverse holes. But the cable you listed and what i received are two circular prongs that are large in diameter and doesnt fit at all.
    Unfortunately this item is only sold as an entire unit. We don't have extra extensions available for resale.
  • I bought, Solar Cool White LED Deck Lights with Drill Bit, Set of 8. I need just one more light how can I get just one light? Thanks Jeff
    Unfortunately this item is only sold as an entire unit.
  • I'm wondering if I can just get the solar panel for these lights. Purchased the set in Oct. of 2013. Worked great until this year, now the solar panel won't recharge the batteries. Changed the batteries and had no luck with that either.
    Unfortunately those items come to us prepackaged from the manufacturer. breaking open a full set for that piece would render the rest of the set useless. Sadly a new set would have to be purchased.
  • Is the solar panel sent with the 8 recessed deck lights a dusk to dawn type? The one I received does not turn off during the day. The kit is model LLSDL
    Is the panel someplace dark? If so it should be placed someplace light during the day so the panel knows to shut the lights off. If the panel is in the light I'd send us your order number. once received we'd be happy to assist you in any way we can.
  • We measured our lights 56" apart but they are about 2" shy so we ca't plug them in to each other. This only affects 2 of the 8 lights. Can we purchase 2 small connectors? Or at least 2 female, 2 male ends and some wire so we can make our own extenders? We love the lights so far!
    Unfortunately this item is only sold as a whole unit.
  • I am a bit unclear on the setup of this set. Does each light have its own solar panel? I think not, however the description says the solar panel and each light are independent when detached from the system. I'm assuming the solar panel is at one end and all lights must be connected in line for them to work. The adjustment allows for the user to choose how many lights they'd like to use in the line. Is that correct? Also what is the extension wire to add more? How many lights does this include and where can I find that item?
    No the set runs off of 1 solar panel. Yes that is correct about the adjustment allowing the user to choose how many lights they'd like to use in the line. The extension wire is just that. A wire that allows add more solar lights to it. Though we don't sell the lights individually so I can't imagine why someone would need it. Hope you find this helpful. Have a great day,

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