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Soji Stella Globe - Moss
# ALL22516
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Soji Stella Globe - Moss

by Allsop

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Price: $30.00 $25.00
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Soji Stella Globe - Moss by Allsop

Soji Stella Globe - Moss

Beautiful and unique solar globe to illuminate your outdoor garden. Reminiscent of "Tin Art" in a punched luminaria, the Soji™ Stella solar lantern is a beautiful and unique way to dress up outdoor spaces. The metallic Tyvek fabric shines brilliantly during the day and a high-powered duel LED emits captivating patterns of light by night. Designed for year round use outdoors.

  • Dimensions 7" globe
  • Made of Tyvek fabric
  • For outdoor use


  • Catalog #: ALL22516
  • Manufacturer's Model: 30683

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