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  • Do you have the 14 inch angel flameless candle anymore?
    Those are mostly a holiday item and are expected to return to our website in about one month or so.
  • How do you set the timer, instructions were lost
    The switch on the bottom has three functions, On/off and timer Just move the switch to timer o set the 5 hour timer for the day. The item will stay on for 5 hours once switched to timer turning itself off after that time and turning itself back on 19 hours later.
  • where is the timer mode to set for 5hrs on bottom of candle ? I received on as a gift , Biut does not say where the timer mode is at .
    This item has an auto timer, It's not a button feature, It's a built in feature. You turn the item on, It stays on for 5 hours. Then turns off for 19 turning itself back on The next day at the same time.
  • is it possible to have these with scented wax?... cat# CAN16884
    I'm sorry this item only comes in unscented.